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Creating Space Expecting Harvest: Tools That Work-Even Buildings

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TEXTS: OT SURVEY, GEN 8:11; EX 4:16, 17; NUM 22:28-31; JONAH 4:6-11; EX 25-30; EX 31:1-11. NT SURVEY, MK 11:9-11, 15-17; AC 2:42-47; AC 14:1; HE 10:24, 25; 1CO 14:23-26

  1. Some of the tools God used to communicate (especially in the OT) and deliver messages to man were sometimes a bit unexpected (a dove, a stick, a donkey, a worm)! How does this square with the way God chose to bring His son, Jesus into the world? Why does God do this? How does God’s choice of tools impact our understanding of the gospel message?
  2. The Tabernacle, after the cross, served a different function than before the cross. From what you know about the Tabernacle/Temple, compare and contrast how they functioned as tools God used in pre/post cross days. How does this affect our understanding of how the church building should function today?
  3. While the church building is not the Temple, it is still an important tool God uses to       advance His Kingdom. Should all of us, as believers, be involved in a local church? What do you think are the greatest challenges a larger church has in effective worship and disciple-making? What are some of your suggestions for improving how larger churches can most effectively use their tool? (Hopefully, Life Groups are high on your list!)
  4. Because we do it regularly, there is a sense in which coming to church can become ritualistic. How is coming together as the church more about being the church and not just doing church? After we leave the building how are we still the church?
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Creating Space. Expecting Harvest: Generosity Changes Lives—Especially You. Pastor Tony

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Discussion Guide – Creating Space. Expecting Harvest: Generosity Changes Lives—Especially You.  Pastor Tony

Questions by Pastor Ric

October 1, 2017

This Fall will be crucial in engaging our church family both in heart and vision.  To do that, there will be six weeks in our church’s life, September 10 through Oct 15, that may be the most strategic season yet in the history of LEFC.  We will be communicating vision, engaging hearts, and approaching our God together in expectation of a “Harvest”.  One important and strategic step we want to ask of the congregation is to have all small groups, home groups, care groups, and Life Groups meet weekly for those six weeks and utilize a sermon based group discussion guide.  I recognize that is no small request, but I feel it is essential to our church’s future.  These six weeks are also an invitation for those who are not in a group to join one, so we will be offering opportunities for people to join a group. “  Pastor Tony

TEXT: 2 CO 8:1-5, 6-9
Pastor Tony’s Questions:

*Why would you give beyond anyone’s expectation to those that you do not even know? 

*How do you get to the place where you are pleading, even begging, for the opportunity to be generous?

Charlie’s journey (interview):

Model of his parents
Intentionality in regular giving and random acts
Biblical direction Mal 3/1 TI 6
Hearing God’s voice
Salary and resources
Cultural model is reversed and based upon consumerism
God is the epitome of generosity and generosity is an incredible act of worship 

  1. Do you think generosity is a spiritual gift? What is it about our culture that tends to hinder our desire for generosity?

(Remember the quote:  “We are all well-discipled consumers…”  Alan Hirsch) 

  1. The scriptures do not condemn wealth and riches (they condemn the love of it). Yet,  when we think of generosity, we usually think of money and wealth.  Have a conversation about how generosity is not exclusively a financial act and based upon wealth. (8:2, 3)

  2. How is generosity related to God’s grace and a deepening walk with Christ? But, is a desire to be more generous enough to make it happen?  Discuss how we can as individuals and as Life Groups (hence LEFC) develop a reputation for generosity.
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