Engage God With Us

In this season as a church, LEFC wants to equip people with some ideas to grow in Christ both individually and as family. Our hope is...

  • Parents will use this season to be intentional with the family in pursuing Christ.
  • Individuals will use this season to grow deeper with Christ personally and in community.

This Engagement Guide is simply a tool that will be updated each week.

  • Use it everyday for your devotions or use it a few times a week as a family.
  • Use it just for memorizing Scripture or use it for prayer, singing and studying.

Either way our goal is to provide you with some ideas to continually pursue Jesus in a personal and communal way.

During this time of isolation we want to continue connecting together as a church family. Anytime you participate in an activity as a family, connect with others online, or spend time engaging with God, consider using the hashtag #LEFCFAM on social media to stay connected with one another.