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Congregational Gatherings are held three times a year.  At the Spring business meeting, the congregation approves the next fiscal year’s budget and affirms leadership roles for the ministry year.  New members are affirmed at both the Spring and Fall meetings, typically in May and November.  Other business matters are covered as needed as well. Our Winter meeting is a time of celebrating what God has done!

Join us for our Celebrate God Congregational Gathering on Sunday, February 5, from 4:30 to 6:00PM in the main auditorium. Bring an appetizer to share with your table! Childcare will be available for infants through age 4.

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We invite you to testify of God's work in your life by preparing a cardboard testimony, a simple but powerful way to share what God has done! The concept is simple - On one side of a large piece of cardboard, write a few simple words to describe a situation / pattern / mindset you were trapped in before God intervened. And on the back, write a few words to proclaim God's goodness by describing where you are now. Try to be as concise as possible and make sure the words are written in large letters that can be read on stage from the audience. For example, the front of the cardboard could say "Drowning in depression" and the back would say "Jesus placed me on solid ground." At our gathering, everyone who has prepared a testimony will be asked to come on stage, show the first side, and then after a moment, flip to show the back.

This will be not the first time LEFC has proclaimed God's goodness through cardboard testimonies. Click here to view our cardboard testimonies from back in 2010 and to view examples for how to create yours!

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Fall 2022 New Member Testimonies
Fall 2022 Congregational Meeting Packet



Elder Meetings are held twice a month. Click the link below to see a summary of recent meetings.


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