Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF)

At LEFC, we call our Sunday morning adult classes "Adult Bible Fellowships" (ABFs). While all are welcome to attend any class they wish, many of these community-driven classes have settled into groups based on age or stage of life. Teachers rotate through classes communicating truth that is both Biblical and practical in nature. As teachers cycle through ABFs, the teaching style naturally varies from discussion based to lecture. ABFs occasionally gather outside of their Sunday morning routine for additional fellowship. 

First Service Classes 
(9:00 - 10:20 am)

Married couples who gather together to be strengthened in their walks with the Lord. 

Teaching Schedule:
     Sept. 8 - Class Breakfast
     Sept.15 - Oct. 3 - Scott Brady teaching on The Beauty and Power of the Body of Christ
     Oct. 13 - Nov. 17 - John & Sharon Charles
     Nov. 24 - Prayer Sunday
     Dec. 1 - 22 - Chip Mershon
     Jan. 12 - Mar. 29 - Tom Daly teaching on Hebrews

KOINONIA - Room A104
Fully embracing a community mindset so that each will have a
real encounter with the living Christ.

Teaching Schedule:

FAITH BUILDERS - Rainbow Room @ The Mill (February: Moves to Room A101)
Building our community of faith through prayer, mutual support, and encouragement.

Teaching Schedule:
     Sept. – Steve Brubaker teaching on Habakkuk
     Oct. - TBA
     Nov. - Randy Hunt
     Dec. & Jan. -  Sherwood & Judy Lingenfelter teaching on 1 Chronicles

PHILIPPIANS FELLOWSHIP - Room A101 (February: moves to Rainbow Room @ The Mill)
Prayerful, loving, caring, giving, close-knit community of believers.

Teaching Schedule: TBA


Second Service Classes
(10:50 am - 12:15 pm)

MOSAIC - Room EE106
Young professionals, both married and single, engaging in community
with the goal of deepening our relationship with Christ.

Teaching Schedule:
     Sept. 8 - Oct. 6 - Dave Cox teaching on World Religions
     Oct. 13 - Dec. 15 - Steve Brubaker teaching Study: Jesus with the Pharisees
     Dec. 22 - 29 - NO CLASS
     Jan. 5 - Feb. 9 - Dr. Ed teaching on Discipleship

ROOTS - Room A104
Young couples committed to establishing a solid foundation for growth in God's truth.

Teaching Schedule: 
     Sept. - Dec. - Pete Wittemaier teaching on the book of Revelation and applying it to how we live today.

AGAPE - Room A101
A group of older adults seeking to grow in both grace and community.

Teaching Schedule: 
     Sept. - Oct. - Randy Hunt teaching on "Intentional Generosity"
     Nov. - Dec. - Greg Heisey teaching "Misunderstood Peter".