Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF)

At LEFC, we call our Sunday morning adult classes
"Adult Bible Fellowships" (ABFs).

Please Note: All ABF attendees are required to wear a mask in the classrooms at all times due to the size of the rooms. In an effort to limit exposure, there will also be no food or drink provided (unless it's prepackaged), and no tables set-up in the rooms.

We so hope you will join us as these communities gather and connect. Whether you have been attending a specific ABF for years, have casually attended in the past, or have not yet experienced this type of community at LEFC, we encourage you to check them out! After a season marked by disconnection, we hope you will find true community in these smaller group settings here at LEFC.

Below you will find a list of classes along with where and when they meet. Please check back soon for updated teacher and study information.

While all are welcome to attend any class they wish, many of these community-driven classes have settled into groups based on age or stage of life. Teachers rotate through classes communicating truth that is both Biblical and practical in nature. As teachers cycle through ABFs, the teaching style naturally varies from discussion based to lecture. ABFs occasionally gather outside of their Sunday morning routine for additional fellowship. 

First Service Classes 
(9:00 - 10:20 am)

Abiding in the true vine to keep His words, share His love, bear witness to His name, and bring Glory to God. 
          Dec-Jan: Love & Respect

Fully embracing a community mindset so that each will have a
real encounter with the living Christ.
Dec: Doug Morrissey - Ephesians
          Jan-Feb: Scott Galen

Building our community of faith through prayer, mutual support, and encouragement.
          Dec 13 & 20: Ed Scheuerman - God's Attributes & Mental Health
          Dec 27: Family Worship Sunday, NO ABF
          Jan-Feb 14: Randy Hunt - Praying Like Paul
          Feb 21-May 23: Corey Mitchell - Deuteronomy
          June: Ed & Carol Scheuerman - God's Attributes & Mental Health, Part 2

Prayerful, loving, caring, giving, close-knit community of believers.
         February: Sherwood Lingenfelter - "Being Mortal": Aging With Grace
          April 11- May 2: Chip Mershon - "Loving the Unlovely"

Second Service Classes
(10:50 am - 12:15 pm)

SYNAGO - Room A6
A community of young adults seeking to grow together in Christ. 
          Jan: Jeff Travis & Matt Sowada
          Feb: Ron Belsterling
          Mar: Greg Heisey
          Apr-May: Sherwood Lingenfelter


 MOSAIC - Room A5
Young professionals, both married and single, engaging in community
with the goal of deepening our relationship with Christ.
          Dec 13: Elders
          Dec 20: Christmas Party
          Jan-Feb: Tom Daly
          Mar: Steve Brubaker
          Apr-May 2: Ed Scheuerman

ROOTS - Room A4
Young couples committed to establishing a solid foundation for growth in God's truth.
Nov-Dec: Corey Mitchell - The Exile
          Jan-Feb: Steve Brubaker
          March: Randy Hunt

AGAPE - Room A3
A group of older adults seeking to grow in both grace and community.
          Nov-Dec: Randy Hunt - "Study Through the Prayers of Paul in the Epistles"
          Jan-Feb: Ed Scheuerman
     Mar-Apr: Pete Wittmaier - teaching from Exodus: "God's Plan to Draw Us into Something New"