Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF)

ABFs are our Sunday morning classes and communities for adults--places to both learn and grow in your faith, and to meet people and find community! Many ABFs have formed based on age and stage of life of attendees, but all are welcome to join any group at any time. Teachers rotate through ABFs, communicating truth that is both Biblical and practical in nature. As teachers cycle through, the teaching style naturally varies from discussion-based to lecture. Check below for a description of our ABF classes offered during first and second services.

During the summer months, our regular ABFs take a break, and we offer elective classes on Sunday mornings. This summer, we will have 2 class sessions (July 10-31 and August 7-28), and each session will have 4 classes, covering a variety of topics. Check out the class descriptions below!

session 1: july 10-31

Value Conflicts: Why Is It So Hard to Walk in Love?
Sherwood and Judith Lingenfelter | 1st Service | Room A3
Over the four weeks of this class, we will help participants examine their personal and cultural values, learn how to understand and accept those who are different, and explore scripture to see what it means to live and serve together as diverse people in the body of Christ. The following five questions will serve as a springboard to these conversations:

Who am I? Who are we? How are others different?
How are others different from me? From us?
What does it mean to be the body of Christ? 
What are my gifts? What are their gifts?
How can we add to our repertoire to serve effectively in the body of Christ?  

Gospel Hope for Hard Conversations 
Matt Sowada | 1st Service | Room A4
Using the book Talking about Race by Pastor Isaac Adams as a guide, we’ll process how to turn to God’s Word to find the wisdom we need to speak gracefully and truthfully about racism for God’s glory and the good of those around us.

Be the Church 
Women's Ministry Team | 2nd Service | Room A3
Join us for our four-week women’s elective! We will explore the Biblical basis for, practical steps, and pray through what it means to Be the Church. We have a team of eight ladies sharing what they’re learning, have learned, or hope to learn as we process God’s calling for His bride, the Church. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re excited to process the Truth found in Scripture and learn from one another.

Week 1: We the Church, God’s Design
Week 2: Discipleship – Living in Intentional Community
Week 3: Caring in Crisis
Week 4: Why is This So Hard? Obstacles to Being the Church.

How to Think About Knowing 
Drew Huber | 2nd Service | Room A4
In this ABF Elective, we will look to scripture to discuss how humans can confidently know anything, how we can know anything about God, and how this way of framing knowledge shapes our everyday life.

session 2: august 7-28

How to Care and Walk with Adoptive and Foster Families 
DJ Weaver and Shawn Reinfried | 1st Service | Room A3
Did you know that LEFC has an ever-growing number of adoptive and foster families? LEFC’s adoption and foster care ministry, Team 127, is hosting a 4-week summer elective that aims to help those of us walking alongside these families to best support and encourage them in their journey. Four weeks, four families, four perspectives…Come ready to be equipped, encouraged and exhorted to love our adoptive and foster families well.

What Does God Have to Do with Truth, Life’s Purpose, and Relationships?
Gary Hoover and Art Horn | 1st Service | Room A4
If you are recently new to becoming a follower of Jesus, or you are still trying to figure out how to understand the Bible, this class is for you! In this class we will be addressing questions like:  

What does the Bible say about who God is? 
What is God's mission to mankind? 
Who is Jesus and what is His part in the plan?
Where do I go from here?

Every Christian Needs a Paul and a Timothy - Who are Yours?
Jeff Travis and Gene Dugger | 2nd Service | Room A3
Being personally invested in and investing in others is critical to the life of every believer. In the four weeks of this elective, we’ll study the What, Why, and How of discipling as well as dive into some biblical case studies.

Winning the War in Your Mind
Scott Galen | 2nd Service | Room A4
We all have a conversion going on in our minds. Sometimes we believe the lies we tell ourselves or that others have perpetuated. We can all too easily get into negative ruts. In this elective, we will learn to build trenches of truth through conversations based on the book Winning the War in Your Mind by pastor and author Craig Groeschel. Healthy patterns of the mind can be developed through disciplines based on God’s Word.



Branches is largely made up of adults (married and single) in their 30’s - 40’s, many with children ranging anywhere from infancy to high school age, who gather together to be strengthened in their walk with the Lord.


Koinonia is generally comprised of couples in their 40’s and early 50’s who seek to fully embrace a community mindset, and seek to have and share real encounters with the Living Christ.


Faith Builders attendees are mostly parents (largely in their 50’s-60’s), experiencing a multitude of life stages. The group boasts everything from empty-nesters, to parents of young children, teens, and young adults, to those parenting aging or ailing parents, all who gather to build each other up in faith through prayer, support and encouragement.

Upcoming Class Schedule:
June 12-26: Sherwood & Judith Lingenfelter - Faith Building Moments in Life’s Journey


Philippians is a greatly varied community of adults (married, single, widowed, etc.) middle-age and up who seek to be a prayerful, loving, caring, giving, close-knit community of believers! 

Upcoming Class Schedule:
June 12: Dan Bailey - Hitting the Mark
June 19: Informal fellowship time
June 26: Chip Mershon and Alice Riden sharing the story of Cornerstone Family Health


SYNAGO | Room A6

Synago is a group of young adults (20’s - early 30’s) in various stages of life, who are aiming to grow in their relationships with Christ and others, as well as looking to find their footing in the larger body of LEFC.

MOSAIC | Room A5

Mosaic is a mix of young couples, singles, and new families. While the general age range is mid-20s to mid-40s, this community is open and welcoming to all who want to enjoy good biblical discussion and fellowship with the goal of deepening relationships with Christ and each other.

Upcoming Class Schedule:
June 12 & 19: Kurt Zimmerman - Acts 1

ROOTS | Room A4 

Roots is a community couples and singles in their mid-20’s - 40’s who are committed to establishing a solid foundation for growth in God’s truth, and who seek to connect with everyone who comes through their doors.

AGAPE | Room A3

Agape is a community comprised generally of older (50+) singles, widows, widowers, and couples who are always seeking to grow in both grace and community.