Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF)

At LEFC, we call our Sunday morning classes for adults Adult Bible Fellowships. Many of our classes have settled into groups based on age and stage of life, BUT you are welcome to attend any class you like.  Some people like to hear a certain teacher or topic, while others prefer the comfort of being with those of a similar demographic. Please join us!  

First Service Classes (9:00 - 10:20 am)

Branches Room EE106
Abiding in the true vine to keep His words, share His love, bear witness to His name, and bring Glory to God.
Leaders: Dan and Molly Longo 
Teaching Schedule: 
September 9: Class Breakfast
September 16: Elder Visit
September 23 - November: Corey Mitchell teaching "The Exile."

Koinonia Room A103
Fully embracing a community mindset so that each will have a real encounter with the living Christ.
Leaders: Scott and Donya Galen.  
Teaching Schedule:
September: Scott Galen is teaching "Thriving in Babylon."

Faith Builders Room EE104  (formerly Family Builders)
Parents pursuing Christ individually and on behalf of their families.
Leaders: Jeff and Dawn Clinton.  
Teaching Schedule:
September 9: Joel Lingenfelter teaching "Gospel Centered Community."
September - October: Randy Hunt teaching "Gospel Centered Community."
November 4, 18, 25: Ed Scheuerman teaching on James
November 11: Food & Fellowship/Prayer & Praise

Philippians Fellowship Room A101
Prayerful, loving, caring, giving, close-knit community of believers.
Leaders: Tom Reimer.     and Donna Reimer.  
Teaching Schedule:
September - November: Tom and Donna Reimer will lead a discussion based on "The Attributes of God, Volume 1" by AW Tozer. 

Second Service Classes (10:50 am - 12:15 pm)

Mosaic Room EE106
Young professionals, both married and single, engaging in community with the goal of a deeper relationship with Christ.
Leaders: Travis and Sherrie Schock. 
Teaching Schedule:
September: Dan Woolley teaching "Faith Foundations"
October 21 - November 25: Steve Brubaker
December: TBD
January: Matt Sowada teaching on Counterfeit Gods.
February: Manuscript Study
March: Dr Ed Scheuerman teaching "James, Part 3"
April - May: TBD

Roots Room A103
Young couples committed to establishing a solid foundation for growth in God's truth.
Leaders: DJ and Emily Weaver.  
Teaching Schedule:
September - December Dave Cox will teach on Genesis and Creation

Agape Room A101
A group of older adults seeking to grow in both grace and community.
Leaders: Bryan and Coleen Gehman.  
Teaching Schedule:
September: Ed Scheuerman - Finishing the Book of James
October 7, 14, 21: Joe Calkins  - Creation
October 28: Mark and Grace Zimmerman will share on their medical work in China
November-December: Randy Hunt
January - February: Pete Wittmaier
March-April: Steve Brubaker