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Current Series


It is not likely you can start a book in the very middle of it and be able to understand what is going on.  In the same way, understanding Jesus without having the context of Genesis would be difficult as well.  In a society that has little to no biblical context, we need to be able to convey the beginning of the Bible in a manner that would explain why we need Jesus.  This series will reconnect us with our origins, so that we can understand and communicate how Jesus can change someones life.


There are certain words of wisdom that stay with you for a lifetime that create plumb lines you live by.  Proverbs is filled with such statements.  Each speaker will be speaking out of a text in Proverbs that has guided them in life.  Wisdom that can show you the way when all else seems unclear.

Easter 2023

Welcome to our Maundy Thursday & Easter Services 2023

Give It To Me Straight

James does not beat around the bush.  He speaks right into the various challenges to us growing in our faith.  James truly gives it to us straight in a manner that helps us self-reflect and then act.  

Our Mission

A series discussing the missional distinctives of our church.

The mission of LEFC is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this by sharing Christ in our relational worlds and pouring into the lives of others. We seek to be people who LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, LIVE TRUTH and PROCLAIM JESUS.


Behold!  The angels tell us to stop and more than just take a look at the marvelous birth of the Christ child, but to take the time to gaze and study this incredible moment of our redemption story.  So, we are going to “behold” some key truths that make this story worth celebrating.


Rising Before The Dawn

Jesus was asked by his disciples when will he return and what will be the signs of the end.  Jesus’ answer speaks to living a life of expectancy and purpose that creates joy and hope as opposed to panic and fear.