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Current Series

Rising Before The Dawn

Jesus was asked by his disciples when will he return and what will be the signs of the end.  Jesus’ answer speaks to living a life of expectancy and purpose that creates joy and hope as opposed to panic and fear.

The 10 Commandments

How can we truly know who God is and who we are if there was no law given from God to define morality.  The 10 Commandments give us a timeless framework by which we can know the holiness of God and to know our need for his help in living to please him.

What's Your Story?

Have you ever been inspired by someone’s story that caused you to pursue Jesus in a new way or with new energy?  This series will inspire you to connect your story to Jesus so that you can share your story with others in a way that can inspire them towards Christ.

He Will Be Called

His names tell of the amazing qualities that this Christ child would embody. He is the counselor of counselors, he is one with the mighty God, eternal, and the provider of peace. The realities of his name gives greater meaning to the angels announcement of his birth "Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth to whom his favor rests."

WBF None Like Him Fall 2021

Women's Bible Fellowship Fall 2021 sessions.

His Is Infinite, He Is Incomprehensible, He Is Self-existent, He Is Self-sufficient, He Is Eternal, He Is Immutable, He Is Omnipresent, He Is Omniscient, He Is Omnipotent, He Is Sovereign.


Ephesians is dripping with deep and meaningful truths to cling to and particularly applicable to today.  While we have certainly experienced more division in our country, in Christ oneness can be found.  The unity of the Trinity is deeply sown into the DNA of those who are following Jesus Christ.  The work of Christ not only ties us altogether in the present but it gives us unity of purpose as move forward into the future.  

Words of the Wise

Job 12:12 says “Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?”  With all that has happened in the past couple of years people are clamoring for perspective and clarity.  Life did not prepare them for such times.  However, God has given wisdom through his Spirit and Word and those who have lived longer can give us guidance in such times.  This series is receiving from such people and then going to the Word to gain greater understanding and clarity for how to go forward thriving in faith.

Words of the Wise Interview Video Links:
Week 1 - 08.15.2021
Week 2 - 08.22.2021
Week 3 - 08.29.2021
Week 4 - 09.05.2021