What is Re|Engage?

Re|engage is a relationship-enrichment program for any marriage, in any condition. Whether you’re hanging by a thread or looking to go from good to great, Re|engage examines God’s design for marriage and applies biblical principles to deepen your relationship. For 16 weeks, you’ll receive encouragement as you hear stories from other couples who’ve survived hard times and have begun to thrive on the other side.

Re|engage offers a safe place to connect in both Large and Small Group settings:

Large Group  |  Every week begins in a large group setting where you’ll hear stories of hope from other couples whose marriages have been transformed. Re|engage leaders will also share practical steps you can take to improve your own relationship.

Small Group  |  After meeting as a large group, participants will break off into smaller groups led by a facilitator couple. Together, you and your small group will work through the curriculum and learn how to effectively communicate, resolve conflict, and grow closer to your spouse.

Re|engage at LEFC

Are you ready to invest in your marriage? To reconnect, reignite, or resurrect your relationship? Our next session is coming on Wednesdays this fall from August 28 to December 18. Email Beth at  to request to be added to the waitlist!


Questions about Re|engage at LEFC? Don't hesitate to reach out to our coordinator, Randy Hunt!