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“Love is the Beginning and the End” by Pastor Tony

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Life Group Discussion Guide 


Rock of Ages, 1 & 2 Peter Sermon Series
“Love is the Beginning and the End” by Pastor Tony

March 8, 2020
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Below are some discussion questions relating to a recent sermon. These are provided so that your Life Group can discuss what was shared. Previous Weeks’ Discussion Guides and Sermon Notes are available through the Sermons under the Resources menu. Click on the sermon series and then the sermon you are interested in.  You will see a paper icon under the sermon title. Click the icon to open the sermon notes. To listen to the sermon, click on the speaker icon.

Context:   Peter’s epistles were written to love on and prepare the church to follow Jesus in spite of challenges realized and yet to come.  Peter, “the Rock”, is now in Rome, the epicenter of the known world. He is awaiting his time, but charging to the end, inspired by his “living hope”.  Remember, there is hope that carries us through the suffering.  Jesus leads us through the suffering not away from it.  Our salvation was accomplished through suffering which leads to the glory of Jesus through his work in us.  Our Father in heaven, God, loves us with an everlasting love. 

Sermon Texts:   1 Peter 1:17-22; 1 John 4:19; John 3:16; Romans 5:8; Ephesians 2:8

Pastor Tony’s Take-Aways: 
The Marks of a Disciple

  1. Love God – He is a great Father!

  2. Love People

  3. Live Truth

  4. Proclaim Jesus – Tell Others!

Leaders, please choose only the best question(s) for your group.
We are praying for you as you lead these discussions:

Discussion Guide: 

  1. What about today’s teaching caused you to question, want to dig deeper, or resulted in even more questions about pursuing your life in Christ?

  2. How did/does your view of your earthly father affect your perception of God and your relationship with Him? (Loving God)

  3. Why is the concept of reverent “fear of God” our Father important to a believer? How is this reflected in our daily lives?

Provided definition:  A reverent fear of God is evidenced by a tender conscience, watchfulness against temptation, and avoiding things that displease God.

  1. As we “become strange” (counter cultural) how can we remain effective in building relationships (Loving People, Proclaiming Jesus) with those in our oikos who need to experience the father’s love?

  2. Remembering the steep price that was paid for us by our heavenly Father is difficult sometimes. How can we do a better job of keeping this memory alive and why is it so important? (Living Truth)
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