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“Identity Crisis” by Pastor Nicholas

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Life Group Discussion Guide 


Rock of Ages Sermon Series
Identity Crisis” by Pastor Nicholas

February 2, 2020
If you have questions, contact Pastor Ric,

Below are some discussion questions relating to a recent sermon. These are provided so that your Life Group can discuss what was shared. Previous Weeks’ Discussion Guides and Sermon Notes are available through the Sermons under the Resources menu. Click on the sermon series and then the sermon you are interested in.  You will see a paper icon under the sermon title. Click the icon to open the sermon notes. To listen to the sermon, click on the speaker icon.

Context:  There is, and forever will be, conflict about identity. Who or what something is. This isn’t new. This was something that was at the very beginning of the establishment of the Church. Who is Jesus? What is Jesus? These were the questions that were in the minds of the disciples as they journeyed with him. These are great questions to have answers to as we pursue our life in Christ.  One moment in particular sticks out as we begin our new series today, Rock of Ages, on 1st and 2nd Peter. 

In the Bible app, Pastor Nicholas put some bonus references for our study in Peter’s letters.  Look them up this week:

John 1:40-43, Luke 5:1-11, Luke 4:38-39, Matthew 14:22-33, Matthew 16:13-23, John 6:53-71, Mark 9:2-10, Matthew 17:24-27, John 13:6-10, Mark 14:27-42, Mark 14:66-72, Mark 16:7, John 21:1-23, Acts 1-15, Acts 3:1-10, Acts 4:1-4, Acts 10:1-33 

In addition, on your own, please read through 1st and 2nd Peter. Each book might take you 15 – 20 minutes. Look for who Peter says we are in Christ. That foundation won’t ever go away.  He writes to tell us that this isn’t our home, that we are a royal priesthood, we are God’s elect.

Sermon Texts:   Acts 10; Matthew 16:5-19

Leaders, please choose only the best question(s) for your group.
We are praying for you as you lead these discussions:

Discussion Guide: 

  1. What about Pastor Nicholas’ teaching was troubling, inspiring, convicting, or confusing?

  2. How do you define yourself? If someone were to say “Tell me about yourself,” what would you say?

  3. Pastor Nicholas told a part of Peter’s life where his theological lens shifted dramatically; and the fruit of this shift is that gentiles were welcomed as followers of Christ. A summary to this experience is found in Acts 10:34-35.
  • What belief shifts have you experienced in your life?
  • What impact has it made on you and others?
  1. Our goal is to become like Jesus.
  • What character areas of personal struggle are you comfortable sharing?
  • What ways have you made progress in the past year?
  • How can a Life Group help you become more like Jesus?
  1. Is the work that Christ is doing in your heart and life visible to your oikos? How does a certain level of transparency help us better communicate the Gospel?