Sunday in the Park

Service Indoors on Sunday

Sometimes hard decisions need to be made.  We have been looking forward to Sunday in the Park for months, planning for an amazing time as a church family and a perfect opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors. Unfortunately the weather forecast for Sunday is for a cold, rainy day. As a result, we have decided to cancel Sunday in the park and hold our regular services at LEFC.

Although we haven’t had as much rain as expected this week, there is a strong chance of a very rainy weekend after a very hot and humid Friday. To make matters worse, the temperatures are supposed to drop to the low sixties by Sunday morning and keep dropping all day. 

Since the purpose of Sunday in the Park is to impact our community and our oikos with the gospel, we believe the probability of rain, drizzle and cool temps will significantly reduce that impact. So in order to be good stewards of our financial and human resources, we made the decision today as opposed to waiting until Saturday or Sunday.

The good news is that we can still worship and celebrate baptisms on Sunday!  The gospel will be preached and testimonies will be shared and we pray lives will be changed because of our time indoors.  We’ll operate as a Family Worship Sunday, with two services at the usual time and child care for up to and including age 2.  There will be no ABFs or Crossover.  I do have great news though … there WILL be coffee!

Thanks for understanding and we look forward to a fantastic Sunday in the Church with you this weekend. 

Pastor Joel