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Rock of Ages

Jun 21, 2020 | Dr. Ed Scheuerman

Why Wait?

I. (3:1-2) Reminders to stimulate wholesome thinking

  • 3:1—reminders to dear friends; a call for action
  • 3:2—recall the authority of God’s Word

II. (3:3-7) Rebuke of scoffers

  • 3:3—don’t play games with God
  • 3:4—remember who God is
  • 3:5—He is the Creator God
  • 3:6—As the Creator God, He also has the right to destroy
  • 3:7—He treasures His creation and those He created

 III. (3:8-9) Reason for waiting

  • 3:8—God’s timing is not like ours
  • 3:9—God’s patience is for our benefit


  • Review
    • Reminders to stimulate wholesome thinking—live out what you know
    • Rebuke of scoffers—don’t play games with God!
    • Reason for waiting—to allow for more into the family of God
  • Questions
    • How well does your life align with what you believe about Christ’s return?
    • Are you guilty of playing games with God?
    • Who is waiting for you to share the Gospel with them?
  • Suggestions:
    • Prayer walk in the neighborhood, asking God for conversations. 
    • Practice sharing your testimony with those around you so that you can be confident when an opportunity arises.
    • Ask God to open doors with those in your oikos.

Series Information

In light of the shifting shadows of thought within our culture, it is the longing of many to find something to cling to that does not move.  Jesus is that steadfast rock that we can stand on historically, now, and for the ages to come.  These two epistles are Peter’s final charge to the church to give strength and confidence that is rooted in the life changing work of Jesus Christ.