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Oct 28, 2018 | Tony Hunt

When God doesn't ... (with Worship included)

*Illustration:The hardest moment in pastoral ministry is to sit with a family when there had been fervent prayer, even an anointing, and yet the Lord chooses differently.  Cancer takes a loved one prematurely, a child becomes sick and passes, someone passes before giving their life to Jesus, asking God for justice in a situation only to see injustice prevail, or praying for a job that you do not get.

How do we then respond to God when he doesn’t?

What becomes of our prayers going forward? 

A desperate plea.  2 Samuel 12:13-17 (pg. 215)

  • Sin wreaks havoc in David’s family, but it begins with a child’s sickness and impending death. (14-15)
  • David pleads with God through fasting and humbling himself before God. (16)
  • David did not relent in his pursuit of God intervening. (17) 

When God does not, David…  2 Samuel 12:18-23

  • David changes his posture. (20a)
    • This chapter has closed and a new one begins, from mourning to living.
    • His outer appearance being changed conveyed resolve to go forward.
  • He worships God! (20b)
    • He chooses worship over blame or bitterness.
    • There is healing in declaring God as good and worthy of praise in the midst of grieving.
  • He acknowledged God did not owe him. (22)
    • He acknowledged his desperate prayers to God would require grace for him to spare the child.
    • Grieving was experienced in the prayers of desperation.
  • He has an eternal perspective. (23)
    • He anticipates seeing the child again in heaven.
    • His hope is an eternal one.

A Psalm of trust.  Psalm 77 (pg. 406)

  • Exasperating pleas for help. (1-5)
  • Faith at a crossroads, so you question. (6-10)
  • I choose to remember, so that I can remain. (10-20)
  • Even if God doesn’t, I will continue to trust him.

Can you worship him, even if…

Can you go forward in faith and trust in him, even if…

Can you change your posture and go forward with God, even if…

Series Information

The vision for this series is to understand God's heart for us in a way to know why he would want us to pray to him.

Through engaging this question, by the end of this series each of us can continue to be liberated from all the apprehension that we might feel in engaging God

Each week we will be addressing the many questions and many facets when it comes to understanding who God is and therefore understanding how we can approach him in prayer