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Bona Fide

May 02, 2021 | Tony Hunt

Untying all the knots

Worry is a sin that reveals what consumes you.  Matthew 6:25-27

  • “worry” comes from a Greek term that means a “preoccupied thoughts”. Mounce

  • Religious leaders of their time were consumed by their own material possessions to the point that led into being consumed with the basic essentials—food and clothing.

  • They were less concerned about their own spiritual state or the state of those they were leading.

  • There was no space for God’s initiatives because they were consumed with their own.

  • Life is way more than the essentials. (25b)

  • Birds work hard, but they do not worry. Their creator looks after them. (26)

  • Worry gives you belief that you can control the concern and make things better, yet worry makes things worse—even steals. (27)

Worry reveals a lack of faith in God’s provision.  Matthew 6:28-30

  • Worry is consumed with the pursuit of making something become as you wish.

  • Flowers cannot work for themselves at all, yet they are cared for by God. (28)

  • Ultimately, worry is a lack of faith in God’s ability to provide. (30b)

Our Story.  Kristen joins me.

  1. Around 2002 we hit a major crossroads in our journey of faith in God’s provision. Would you share what was affecting us at that time?

  2. What was going on inside of you at this time that began to wreak havoc within you spiritually and physically?

  3. What was the turning point?

  4. How has God’s intervention impacted you for the long haul, especially in context of your cancer diagnosis four years ago?

Worry is defeated by a realignment of what you value.  Matthew 6:31-34

  • What you value is the defining trait that distinguishes a follower of Jesus from a pagan. (32)

  • Making God’s priorities your own. (33)
    • His priorities become the focus of the mind.
  • Trust God with tomorrow’s outcomes while you serve his purposes today. (34)

Group Discussion Guide:

  1. What things in your life do you tend to let your mind get consumed with, possibly to the point of worry? Why is this particular area do that to you?  When you are worrying about it what are you trying to accomplish in that worry? 
  2. What is the condition of your faith when worry is consuming you? Who are you trusting in?  Why do you struggle in this area to trust in God’s provision?
  3. Considering Matthew 6:33-34, what does it look like to value God’s agenda during a worrisome situation? Give an example.  What impact can you foresee if God’s agenda supersedes your propensity to worry about the situation? 
  4. Share some victorious stories where you gave your worries over to God and let him provide.

Series Information

No one wants to be accused or found to be an impostor, especially by God himself.  Jesus takes on false faith head on as he is building a Kingdom of Bona Fide believers who will follow him to the end and beyond.