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Aug 05, 2018 | Nicholas Todd

Under Pressure

Overwhelmed, Jesus, in his full humanity, pursues the Father.

Text is Mark 14:32-50

Final reflection questions are:

• Get a current hardship firmly in mind. How do you feel about this hardship? Tell the truth to God.

• Where is there evidence of God’s presence in this hardship? Is there anything you can be thankful for?

• If you cannot find God in your hardship, spend some time with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. What does he want to tell you?

Bonus materials for further study:

Consider -

Who was being prayed for?

Who was there?

Who was not there?

Where was Jesus praying?

What was being prayed?

When was the praying happening?

References -

Matthew 26:36-44
John 17
John 17:9, in conjunction with Matthew 19:13
Luke 5:16, in conjunction with Psalm 46:10
Luke 6:12, in conjunction with Psalm 19:1
Luke 9:28, in conjunction with Acts 1:14
Luke 18:1

After studying, can you identify anything you can take with you?

Series Information

When was the last time you were inspired by scripture? Are you enamored with the word of God? Where does it come alive? How has the Word of God shaken, comforted, challenged, nurtured, and forever changed who you are? This series is an overflow of our love for His Living Word and gives testimony to the power it has to change a life.