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Jul 28, 2019 | Tony Hunt

Uncompromising Love


  • The many times my parents said “no” at the cost of my feelings. Thank God they did!


  • When I chose to ignore my parents loving rebukes…I paid the price.


  • If my parents avoided saying the hard things my character would have been corrupted.


Love in its purest form does not always feel good but is motivated for the benefit of the other even if it costs you personally.



Do not ascribe to God our humanly flawed type of love.




  • God’s eternal power and divine nature are clearly revealed in Creation. Romans 1:18-20
  • The nature of God is of absolute/unchanging morality and of pure love. 

God’s love is uncompromising.1 John 4:7-12

  • True love found on earth is sourced from God. (7) 
  • Cannot claim to know God if you do not love, because that is his very essence. (8)

  • God displays uncompromising love through Jesus.

Sin is not dismissed or tolerated by God.
Justice is fulfilled.
It was paid for by asking his own son to die—pain beyond imagination.
All because he loves us

God loves those who hate him.  Matthew 5:43-47

  • He sends sun and rain for both those who live for him and those who reject him. (45)
  • He shows kindness to those who are not his own. (47)
  • His love is perfect.
  • His love is of a different standard than typically seen on earth. (48)

God’s love is powerfully informed.  Matthew 7:7-11

  • He gives generously. (7-8)
  • His capacity to love is greater than you because he is not corrupt in character. (11a)
  • He loves according to what will be best for you. (11b)

Take Aways

  1. God loves you even at your worst.
  2. God’s love will not cut corners to avoid you feeling pain.
  3. God’s love is driven to reconcile you to him, not to fulfill your fleeting pursuit of happiness.
  4. God’s love is worthy of your trust.

Series Information

So many people are relationally or emotionally broken. Depression, anxiety, isolation, or tension become the the norm and it wreaks havoc with relationships, health, and even with faith.  This series will be addressing these issues and will help lay stronger foundations in understanding God more fully in these issues, so that we can be on a path towards healing or help others towards a path of healing of emotional and relational brokenness.