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Give It To Me Straight

Mar 12, 2023 | Tony Hunt

Truth is truth.



Trials produce in us maturity so that we do not lack anything.

 Trials reveal where we do lack, so we go to God and ask for his help.

 Trials can expose doubt that requires the work of God.

Trials are the equalizer on earth remind the poor that in God’s Kingdom they have much to look forward to, and for the rich the trial reminds them they need God’s help.

Engaging trials without God can lead to temptations that overwhelm us and cause us to blame God.

Today we will look at how trials can lead some to avoid repentance and instead justify one’s decisions. 

Read James 1:2, 12-18

Deception happens when the flesh seeks to redefine truth which ultimately redefines God.  (16)

  • Blaming a holy God for your temptations is how the flesh works to remove guilt or responsibility.

  • When blame is not possible, we seek to convince ourselves of God’s approval thus removing guilt and projecting upon God that he is growing in understanding.

  • If you begin with the wrong lens of how you see your situation you will not see where the true problem lies.

  • Deception is fearful of truth and would rather settle for a counterfeit life which leads to great resistance of accountability.

Truly good and perfect things can only come from God. (17a)

  • The flesh would like to convince you that goodness can come a different path than what God has outlined in His Word.

  • The flesh would like to convince you that there are flaws or outdated profiles of holiness and morality as defined in the Word of God.

  • The truth, as the only perfect and truly good path, is outlined in God’s Word.

God does not change in his holiness or in what He considers holy on this earth. (17b)

  • People regularly change their views of truth and project the same propensity upon God.

  • God does not change like us as one in need of a fresh view. He is the very stability of truth we need.

“Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  Hebrews 13:8

Because we are corrupt in our flesh we need to be born again by THE Truth—a complete makeover. (18)

  • Jesus is the living Word. John 1:1-5

  • Jesus is the Truth. John 14:6

  • We need a complete makeover because our flesh deceives us into thinking we are okay as we are.
    • To declare your truth that is not actually true proves that deception has set in.
    • The truth of how you feel and how you think is good to confess, but feelings should come under the accountability of truth to find a true place to stand in strength.
    • Feelings are powerfully convincing, but complete accuracy is rare.

Steps in defeating self-deception:

  1. Ask God “Where have I allowed trials and doubts to redefine truth and redefine God?”

  2. Look to God’s Word to test and confirm what is true.

  3. Confess the error and repent by applying truth to that area of your life.


Jesus is in the business in making things new.  Giving us complete make overs where we become the First fruits of His work around us.  Vs. 18


Series Information

James does not beat around the bush.  He speaks right into the various challenges to us growing in our faith.  James truly gives it to us straight in a manner that helps us self-reflect and then act.