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Oct 17, 2021 | Dr. Ed Scheuerman

The Good News is Gift News


Give a gift (book & CFA gift card)

  • Gift given without expectation, without cause (not earned)

“Good news”

  • Good news is only good news if …
    • if there is bad news that requires the good news.
      • This comes down to your view of the Bible.
        • God’s word
        • Only truly OBJECTIVE measure for life.
    • if it’s true.
    • if it gets to its object in time.
    • if it is heard and accepted.


  • Given by the Giver with love
  • Always has an object


  • The gracious gift of faith
  • The gracious gift of rest
  • The gracious gift of service

The gracious gift of faith

  1. “FOR it is by grace you have been saved through faith”
  2. Have you received this gift?
  3. What good does it do you if you leave the gift on the table?

The gracious gift of rest

  1. “not by works, so that no one can boast”
  2. The good news of not having to (or even being able) to acquire salvation
  3. Rest from trying to earn God’s gracious gift
  4. Nobody has the right/ability to tell God that He owes them.

The gracious gift of service

  • “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”
  • We GET to serve God.
  • As a way to say “thank you” for the gracious gift of eternal life.
    1. Isn’t it nice that v. 10 comes after vs. 8-9?
    2. My testimony
      1. Grew up in a church-going family
      2. But never had a personal relationship with the Living God
      3. Led to the Lord by Chuck and Laura. Chuck discipled me deeply
  • Witnesses for God
    1. Best witnesses for Christ? Those who bring glory to God
    2. Worst witnesses for Christ? Those who don’t bring glory to God. (yes, hypocrites!)
  • The role of good works
    1. Ultimately, the bring glory to God!
    2. Second, to say “Thank you” to God.
    3. Third, to be a good witness for God.


  • Review
    • The gracious gift of faith
    • The gracious gift of rest
    • The gracious gift of service
  • Questions
    • What have you done to deserve the gift given to you? Nothing!
    • Have you received the gift offered to you? If not, why not?
      • Judge Christ by Christ, not by Christians
    • If you have received the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, how well are you THANKING Him with your life?
      • What can you do THIS WEEK to say, “Thank you?”
  • Enjoy your gift!

Series Information

Ephesians is dripping with deep and meaningful truths to cling to and particularly applicable to today.  While we have certainly experienced more division in our country, in Christ oneness can be found.  The unity of the Trinity is deeply sown into the DNA of those who are following Jesus Christ.  The work of Christ not only ties us altogether in the present but it gives us unity of purpose as move forward into the future.