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Bona Fide

Apr 04, 2021 | Tony Hunt

Love wins over the cruelest of heart

Peter’s Saturday evening contemplations about Thursday night.  John 13

  • Jesus’ new command to be known as people who love.

  • Jesus showing love beyond comprehension in washing their feet.

  • What is this new covenant?

Recalling his sermon: God’s type of love is not limited.  Matthew 5:43-48

  • Love your enemy. (44a)
    • Doesn’t stop at avoiding retaliation.
    • It means truly caring for them as if they were your closest friend.
    • Wow! While being arrested Thursday night, Jesus took care of that soldier whose ear I cut off. Compassion and care for his soul. 
    • I thought I was having his back.
  • Pray for those who persecute you. (44b)
    • What a battle for the mind, to wrest away the thoughts of anger and replace it with prayer for them.
    • “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”
    • A centurion soldier declaring “Surely he was the Son of God.”
    • Forgive me for such a cruel heart.
    • God forgive me for running at the first sign of persecution or trouble.
  • God looks out for all people- righteous and unrighteous. (45b)
    • I wasn’t righteous when he invited me to join him.
    • I haven’t been righteous these past two days.
    • I didn’t get clean before I came to him, I came to him to get clean.
  • God’s type of love goes beyond loving those who love you back. (46-47)
    • “Am I any different than a tax collector or pagan?”
    • I am filled with judgment, envy, and pride.
  • I am not perfect, for I have failed him. (48) 

Awakened Sunday morning to stunning news.

  • The tomb is empty.

  • An angel said that he has risen.

  • I run to the tomb to discover that she is correct.

  • Mixed emotions: I am filled with incredible wonder, but also fear.

Double-minded dilemma.  John 21:3-14

  • I want to see him, but I am embarrassed for my actions.

  • How will he respond to me?

  • Finding peace while in inner conflict—go fishing.

  • Jesus shows up and a repeat of full nets happens.

  • Peter jumps out of the boat and heads to shore as fast as he can.

Love wins.  John 21:15-19

  • Do you love me? 3x

  • 3x Peter affirms his love.

  • Jesus declares that Peter will indeed love Jesus to the greatest end—death.

  • Peter’s heart was won over by a crimson love and he became the leader of a message and movement of love—we stand on that story.

  • Our dead bones and wretched hearts are now given new life. Thank you Jesus!


“Greater love has no one than this; to lay down one’s life for ones friends…This is my command: love each other.” John 15:13, 17

Series Information

No one wants to be accused or found to be an impostor, especially by God himself.  Jesus takes on false faith head on as he is building a Kingdom of Bona Fide believers who will follow him to the end and beyond.