Jesus - Valuing The Greater Things


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Mar 10, 2019 | Tony Hunt

Jesus - Valuing The Greater Things

Jesus- Valuing the greater things.



Top 10 things people worry about. Daily Mail

10. Our family’s safety.

9. Our appearance. [Image of someone looking in a mirror]

8. Not waking up to our alarm.

7. Missing a plane or bus. Or buggy if you are in Lancaster County. [Image of a buggy]

6. Relationships.

5. Our own health. [Image of patient with doctor]

4. The health of a friend or relative.

3. Being late. [Image of a traffic jam preferably on Rt. 30, 222, or 501]

2. Money.

1. Work. [Image of someone at their desk looking at a computer]



The context of worry is a choice in values. Luke 10:38-40

* Hospitality was a high value in hosting the greatest human being to walk the earth—Martha’s choice in values. (38)

o Martha is the one who invites him.

o This would induce great stress to strive towards perfection.

o You are counting on the help of the whole household to make it a success.


* Martha’s expectations unmet as Mary departs the work to listen. (39)

o Mary is listed three times in scripture and each time she is at Jesus’ feet. Luke 10:39; John 11:32; John 12:3

o Mary had been working but something said by Jesus must have caused her to stop and listen at his feet.


* Complaint by comparison is Martha’s only words to Jesus and basically accuses him of not caring about her. (40)



Jesus exalts worship over worry. Luke 10:41-42

* Worry leads to attitude issues—“upset.” (41)


* There is a choice in what you value. (42)


* The values you choose for yourself will affect your heart, which affects your attitude, which ultimately affects your relationship with God and others.



Signs of a misguided heart.

1. A critical spirit towards others.


2. Self-pity rooted in comparisons. B.E.


3. Lack of peace—anxiety and worry reigns.


4. Exhaustion is common both physically and emotionally.



The discovery of worship over worry. John 12:1-12

* Once again Martha is hosting Jesus for a meal, but with a greater crowd. (2)

o Martha’s role has not changed.

o Martha’s attitude has greatly changed because she chose what was greater—worship in her service!


* Once again, Mary is at the feet of Jesus. (3)

o This time Mary is not worshipping by listening, but by offering an expensive gift to Jesus.

o This perfume would have been worth a year’s wages.

o According to the Torah nard was also to be used for burial and not to be wasted for celebration.


* Judas is the one whose heart was misguided as he is counting the monetary cost and considers it a waste for celebrating with it. To which he could argue was a violation of the Torah. Inspired2Think (4-6)


* Jesus declared this act of worship was in mourning of his imminent death. (7)


* Both Martha and Mary were worshipping Jesus with right hearts in different ways.


“Faithful to my Lord’s commands, I still choose the better part: Serve with careful Martha’s hands, and loving Mary’s heart.” Charles Wesley



Signs of a heart in line with Jesus’ values.

1. One who celebrates when worship happens for others.


2. One who joyfully serves.


3. One who embraces contentment verses comparison.


4. One who is at peace verses being riddled with anxiety or worry.

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Life gives us so many unexpected challenges. This series is taking a look at Jesus' life and taking notes for how to live and navigate life as he has best designed!