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Oct 06, 2019 | Tony Hunt

Hope Killers

Exposing that which kills hope.  1 Corinthians 1:18-25

Hope Killer #1: Starting with a faulty premise. 

  • Starting point matters. (18)

Hope Killer #2: Assuming that faith and logic are infinite or enough. (25)

Hope Killer #3: Wisdom is found in the absence God.  (21)

  • Consider Sigmund Freud [picture of him]

Hope Killer #4: Ignoring the cultural tendency of fear. (22)

Hope killers revealed.  Daniel 2:8-11, 27-28

  • Pretenders of hope delay, manipulate, and are inconsistent. (8-10)
  • Limitations of man acknowledged. (11a)
  • Man is not god. (11b)
  • Only God can reveal the meaning that which is unknown to mankind. (27-28)

The marks of a hopeful person. Daniel 3:8-12

  • Standing when others bend. (12)
  • Worship is exclusive to God. (12)
  • Unquestioned trust in God. (17-18)
  • Willing to give up your life for God. (28a)
  • Serve one God only. (28b)

Series Information

Many in America feel that our culture is so pagan there is no hope and consequently live a defeated life or a life of fear.  Daniel lived in an increasingly pagan culture yet thrived in his faith—even impacting the entire kingdom.  This series will look at how Daniel thrived in his walk with God when few others dared.