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Mar 24, 2019 | Dr. Ed Scheuerman

From Private to Public


  1. Preparation for public ministry (Luke 12:1-3)
    a. Calling the huddle together
    b. Multitude pressing in
    c. Gather together
    d. It’s time to go public, whether you like it or not [God’s omniscience]
    e. Would you be afraid if all you said were made known?
  2. Proper Fear of God (Luke 12:4-7)
    a. Godly fear and comfort
    b. Who YOU are (“my friends”)
    c. Misplaced fear
    c. Godly fear
    d. Godly care/comfort/protection
  3. Profession of Christ (Luke 12:8-10)
    a. Professing Christ (what is spoken in public)
    b. Who THEY are (their need)
    c. Know God and known by God
    d. Having encountered God, help others to do so
    e. Concern
  4. Provision of the Holy Spirit (Luke 12:11-12)


  • Review
  • The importance of integrity in our testimony
  • LEFC’s priorities
  • Closing song: “Great is the Lord”

Take aways

  • Whom do you fear more, others or God?
  • What does fear of God look like to you?
  • Can you trust God with your fear of telling others about Him?

Series Information

Life gives us so many unexpected challenges. This series is taking a look at Jesus' life and taking notes for how to live and navigate life as he has best designed!