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Jun 09, 2019 | Tony Hunt

Feeling the Pressure


  • Hopelessness has caused suicide rates and substance abuse related deaths to sky rocket.
  • Some of the causes to hopelessness are feeling like life is out of control, lacking purpose and direction, and the fear of failure abounding.

The American dream has driven many to a lack of contentment and thus pursuit of success at all costs.  The pressure is on!!!  Have you felt it?

The result of caving to pressure and trying to run faster and not necessarily better has resulted in life-rhythms that are unsustainable.   

The Divine pattern for a work week.  Genesis 2:1-3

Work six days.
The Busiest work week ever.  Genesis 1

  • Creating Day and night.
  • Creating the sky.
  • Creating the Oceans and seas.
  • Creating plants and trees.
  • Creating the sun, moon, and stars.
  • Creating land creatures.
  • Creating mankind.

Rest one day.
Day 7—God rested.

  • This day became blessed (esteemed and elevated) it, so that it can be a blessing. E.
  • He made it holy and set apart.
  • Sabbath (def)- to stop before going again, an “intermission.” HSD
  • We will take our cue from Romans 14:5and not argue over which day is that Sabbath Day. 

There is purpose to “REST”.  Exodus 23:10-12

  • Resting for the fields and vineyards every seven years benefits others. (11)
    • The poor get whatever comes up on its own.
    • The animals still have their food.
  • Resting the fields and vineyards allows you to rejuvenate and provide margin to consider new approaches to work—a year provides a lot of margin!

  • A day of rest once a week is good life maintenance.
    • Our resources (animals, tools, etc.) need it.
    • Our employees or co-workers need it.
    • We need it!

Mark 2:27“Then [Jesus] said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”

What happens when you choose a different rhythm to your life that does not include God’s rhythm of rest?  Pressure builds!

Interview with Tom and Roe Daly

  1. Please share with us your story of how the pressures of life were caving in on you.
  2. What was the turning point?
  3. What have been the benefits for the two of you since you have added a Sabbath rest into the rhythm of your lives and into your business?
  4. Now that you are on this side of the pressure having been relieved through rest, looking back, what hindrances or harm do you now see were happening in your life when pressure was doing you in? 

Beware of the appeal of having more.  Mark 8:34b-36

  1. Deny yourself and follow Jesus. (34)

Who is leading and setting your values?

  1. You must let go the reigns to truly gain. (35)

Who is in control of your decisions?

  1. Pursuing the wrong things can cost you everything. (36)

Will you respect what you have when you look at what you have lost?

Series Information

So many people are relationally or emotionally broken. Depression, anxiety, isolation, or tension become the the norm and it wreaks havoc with relationships, health, and even with faith.  This series will be addressing these issues and will help lay stronger foundations in understanding God more fully in these issues, so that we can be on a path towards healing or help others towards a path of healing of emotional and relational brokenness.