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Aug 18, 2019 | Tony Hunt

Compassion without compromise

The marks of a worthless faith.  James 1:26-27

  • A flippant tongue. (26a)
  • An ambivalent and dismissive spirit. (26b)
  • Carelessness in forming truth. (27b) 

The marks of an impactful faith.  James 1:26-27

  • Careful use of words.
  • Accountable to others to avoid self-deceit.
  • Rooted in the Word of Truth in forming your worldview.

What does God call a beautiful life? Matthew 26:6-13

Context: Mary the sister of Lazarus.  She had also spent time listening at his feet while her sister Martha missed out being busy in preparations.  The perfume could have been worth up to a year’s wages.

  • Money can help but it is not the answer. (9)
  • Don’t be driven by the tyranny of the urgent. (11)
    • The poor will be there tomorrow.
  • Cannot forsake time with Jesus to serve in the name of Jesus. (11)
  • Your vision in life cannot be seen outside of serving Jesus. (12)
  • The legacy of worship and generosity towards God matters more than merit badges of mercy.(13)

Series Information

So many people are relationally or emotionally broken. Depression, anxiety, isolation, or tension become the the norm and it wreaks havoc with relationships, health, and even with faith.  This series will be addressing these issues and will help lay stronger foundations in understanding God more fully in these issues, so that we can be on a path towards healing or help others towards a path of healing of emotional and relational brokenness.