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Feb 03, 2019 | Tony Hunt

Big decisions require prayer

What is the longest time you have ever spent in prayer in a single sitting?

What was the impetus to that occurrence?

Jesus’ first CEO decision for a world movement.  Luke 6:12-16

  • He chooses his team. (13a)
    • From among his disciples.
    • A disciple being a follower or learner.
    • There was a faithful group of followers that was at least 72 strong.
  • He commissions them to apostleship. (13b)
    • An apostle is one who is “sent” or as more of an appointed “legal messenger.” HBD

Jesus spends an entire night in prayer.(12)

  • Perhaps it is to ask of the Father whom he should choose.
  • Maybe it is because he knows whom he is to choose, he is having a “not my will, but your will be done…”moment with the Father.
    • 4-7 fishermen.
    • One politician.
    • One tax collector.
    • One thief and traitor.
  • A likely part of that night in prayer was spending time praying for each of the 12.
    • Each of them was going to pay a heavy price for this assignment.
    • Each disciple was going to be led by God to various parts of the world to share the gospel and at great peril.
    • As seen later in Jesus addressing Peter about Satan’s request to sift him as wheat, Jesus had already been praying for his success. Luke 22:31-32

The disciple’s ministry and sacrifice. 

 Peter- Jerusalem, Turkey, Asia-minor, Rome.  He was crucified upside down in Rome.

Andrew- Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece where he was crucified.

James son of Zebedee- Judea. Was the first apostle to die. Beheaded by Herod Tetrarch.  Acts 12:1-2

John- Hierapolis, Ephesus.  Survived being boiled and banned to the island of Patmos.

Philip- Eastern Turkey, Phrygia.  Crucified face down there. 

Bartholomew- India and Georgia. Crucified upside down.

Matthew- Ethiopia and Egypt.  Speared to death. 

Thomas- Iran, Afghanistan, India.  Speared to death.

James son of Alphaeus- Jerusalem.  Stoned to death.

Simon the Zealot- Mauritania, Northwest coast of Africa, and Britain where he was crucified.

Judas son of James(Thaddeus)- Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.  Clubbed to death.

Judas Iscariot- Stole from and betrayed Jesus.  Death by suicide on the same day as Jesus’ death.

Matthias- Syria and Israel.  Burned to death.

Praying long over big decisions. 

  • Pray to know God’s heart.
  • In prayer align your heart to God’s heart.
  • Pray to know direction.
  • Pray for those affected.

Jesus’ longest recorded prayer.  John 17

  • Jesus either prayed this in the upper room or while in route to the Garden on the night of his betrayal and arrest. BEC
  • He began with alignment with the Father. (4)
  • He prayed for his disciples lives and ministry. (11)
  • He prayed for future believers. (20-21)
  • He prayed for the mission of love to endure. (25-26)

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Life gives us so many unexpected challenges. This series is taking a look at Jesus' life and taking notes for how to live and navigate life as he has best designed!