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Nov 04, 2018 | Nicholas Todd


Can we hear God? In what ways can the Lord speak to humankind?

Psalm 77:16-20
Psalm 77:7-9

Dreams & Visions -
Genesis 15 with Abram
Daniel 2 with Daniel and Nebuchadnezzer
Daniel 4 with Daniel and Nebuchadnezzer
Matthew 1 with Joseph
Acts 10 with Cornelius

1 Samuel 3:1-10

Response -
*Rejoice! We can hear the Lord!
*Commit to a time of silence.
*Make space to listen to the Lord

Series Information

The vision for this series is to understand God's heart for us in a way to know why he would want us to pray to him.

Through engaging this question, by the end of this series each of us can continue to be liberated from all the apprehension that we might feel in engaging God

Each week we will be addressing the many questions and many facets when it comes to understanding who God is and therefore understanding how we can approach him in prayer