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Praise Team Resources - SEE BELOW - Worship Team MP3 and Printed Music.
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Sept 22 - MP3 Audio Files   
1 - Found In You (Bb)
2 - Yes I Will (A)
3 - King of Kings (D)
4 - Worthy Worthy (G)
5 - Build My Life (F)

Sept 22 - PDF Print files 
1A - Found In You (Bb) CHORD
1B - Found In You (Bb) LEAD
2A - Yes I Will (A) CHORD
2B - Yes I Will (A) LEAD
3A - King of Kings (D) CHORD
3B - King of Kings (D) LEAD
4A - Worthy Worthy (G) CHORD
4B - Worthy Worthy (G) LEAD
5A - Build My Life (F) CHORD
5B - Build My Life (F) LEAD

Sept 29 - MP3 Audio Files   
1 - Great Things (G)
2 - To God Be The Glory (G)
3 - God Is Able (A)
4 - King of Kings (D)
5 - What a Beautiful/Agnus Dei (D)
6 - Living Hope (C)

Sept 22 - PDF Print files 
1A -Great Things (G) CHORD
1B - Great Things (G) LEAD
2A - To God Be The Glory (G) CHORD

3A - God Is Able (A) CHORD
3B - God Is Able (A) LEAD
4A - King of Kings (D) CHORD
4B - King of Kings (D) LEAD
5A - What A Beautiful/Agnus Dei (D) CHORD
5B - What A Beautiful/Agnus Dei (D)  LEAD
6A- Living Hope (C)  CHORD 
6B- Living Hope (C)  LEAD