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Check out our Awesome Groups this summer!  So much Creativity!!

Our Summer Interest Groups are designed with fun in mind!  If you see a group where you’d like to connect, please either contact the leader directly OR sign up here on the sign up page!  Leaders will be in touch to let you know further details.  We’d love to see you get involved!

The Summer Interest Group season runs all summer from June through the end of August.  Feel free to get involved in as many groups as you wish. 

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Starting Point

Starting Point is the primary on-ramp to life at LEFC. You’ll meet other people, learn about our values, and find opportunities to connect and serve.

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Life Group

Life Group is a gathering of 6-15 people who regularly meet in homes or other places outside the church to study the scriptures, do life, and serve others.  They are designed to be BiblicalRelational, and Missional in a natural balance.  Life Groups focus on obedience to God's Word, encourage authentic and healthy relationships, and seek out ways to be used of God in the lives of others. Life Groups are the church in its smallest, safest and most intimate form.

Joining a Life Group is one of the best ways to establish intentional relationships that are key to sustaining our spiritual growth.  We’ll go beneath the surface in our relationships and live out the “one anothers” found in scripture.

Questions: If you have any other questions about joining a Life Group or Small Group or would like information, please contact Ric at (717) 626-5332 or .