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Nelson Boll

Property supervisor

Maintains buildings and grounds, keeping it an inviting and safe place to worship.


Family: Married to Linda. We have three married children and ten grandchildren, all living locally.

Previous lines/places of work: Parts Department at Sauder Chevrolet, Tire Sales at ITW, Lawn & Garden Service Manager at Bomberger’s Hardware Store, Truck Driver at Weaver Egg, and Fuel Delivery at Agway.

Food: Lancaster County cooking! Meat and potatoes type of a guy.
Snack Foods: Wheat Thins, pretzels and some things not as good for me.
TV Show: Modern Marvels
Time of day: Mornings
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Recreational activities/hobbies: Cycle riding, electronics

Food: Seafood

Most people don’t know this about me:
I am not an electrician, plumber, carpenter, or IT person! I just know enough to make other people think that I am and keep my job! 

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