Christmas Eve

Jesus…Life Reimagined

Christmas is truly a special time of the year in our church.  The theme this year will be “Jesus…Life Reimagined.” The manner of Jesus' arrival in this world and the life he lived gives us a new paradigm for how life is meant to be lived.  

Welcoming Our Guests

Christmas Eve services are at the heart of our holiday traditions at LEFC. Last year we had record attendance which was awesome, but it also raised some challenges with people leaving without seats and others finding a seat in the hallway or lobby.

In order to be more welcoming and to provide a better experience for everyone who attends, we are issuing free tickets for each of the three services. Using tickets will enable us to disperse the attendance to all three services and prevent one from getting badly overloaded. Don’t worry, as part of being welcoming we are keeping space available in each service to allow those who were not aware of tickets to simply show up.  Thank you for your understanding as we seek to be more hospitable to our community as they come to worship on this special night.