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Baptism June 13, 2021

Joshua Potts

I was six I was sitting around a campfire in a field behind our house. It was dark and we had made smores. My mom and I were the only ones left around the fire and we were enjoying the warmth watching the stars when I started asking questions about accepting Jesus as my savior. We talked about how Jesus died on the cross to take my place and my sins so someday I can go to Heaven and be with him. It was that night that I accepted Christ into my life.

 I had grown up attending LEFC my entire life and have a loving, Christian family, but it still wasn’t until middle school that I developed a greater realization of what it meant to be a Christian because I realized as I looked around me that I did not want to be like the world, rather I wanted to be like Christ. That mindset really changed how I lived my life from then on.

 As I went through high school, I experienced many changes to my life and my lifestyle. With every new challenge presented, Christ was by my side. As every year passed, I looked back and saw how much I had grown spiritually, but with that realization of the growth also came a realization of how much room I had to keep growing.

 I am being baptized because I want to share with the world that Jesus is my savior, but also that anyone can accept his love and mercy. Jesus has changed my life forever and by being baptized today I want to show through the baptism my new beginning in Christ. My worth, my value, who I am, is not found in myself, but rather it is found in my lord and savior Jesus Christ.