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Baptism July 26, 2020

Megan Groff

Over the past several years I have gone through a faith transformation. Sometimes it takes a few life changes to make you see just how much God loves you. During 2016, I went through multiple changes in my life. First, I left the life I knew for the past 18 years to continue my education and attended college. However, life had another lesson to teach me: the lesson of pain and loss. I lost my grandfather that October. His passing left a hole in my family and in myself.

I couldn’t understand why God had left this hole in my heart, but it wasn’t until I met my roommate of now three years that I was able to understand God a little better. During times of loss and pain, there is also joy and love. She helped me to understand this. She also bestowed upon me some wisdom that her own pastor shared with her: God only ever answers us in three ways: Yes, Maybe, or I have something better than you could possibly imagine. These words have had a tremendous impact on my life. It has helped to me to solidify my understanding that while there are moments in life that are awful and sometimes impossible to understand, there are also times where there is unbelievable joy and love.

In the past year alone, I have been faced with many struggles as have we all, but God also gave me some incredible joys. He gave me some fun times with family, a new adventure that allowed me to fly above the clouds, and the ability to show that love he gave me to my family, someone special and to the people I work with. Because of all of these things I have come to believe that as long as there is faith, hope, and love in the world, we can overcome any challenge that presents itself because Jesus is on our side.

Which is why I am here today. To proclaim and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, for which I will follow him for all of the days that remain in my life.