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Baptism Jan. 27, 2019

The following testimony is from the baptism during church services on Jan. 27, 2019.

Hailey Heft

I am only 12 years old and I experienced things in my life that most 12-year old kids have not experienced. 

I don’t see my parents and I live with my Grandmother.

Before I moved in with my Grandmother, we would visit her and we would go to church and pray.  I always believed in Christ but every time I left Church, I felt like someone was hugging me.

I came closer and closer with Christ when I moved in with my Grandma and I had more opportunities to nurture my faith.  Going to church every Sunday and youth group help me to understand more about Christ.

I asked Jesus to live in my heart after a good lesson in Sunday School. 

A couple years ago I saw people get baptized at Lititz Springs Park and I knew I wanted to do that.

Today because of my commitment to live for Jesus, I am following through with his commandment to be baptized as an outer expression of my faith.