When will we meet?

Since the outset of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 response we have worked hard to operate in the best interest of the community we serve. Pastor Tony has an excellent video explaining the biblical basis behind our thinking as we look at how we move forward. 
This recent announcement by President Trump does not change the biblical mandates under which we are operating. Around the middle of May our elder board discussed when it would be appropriate for LEFC to reopen, and we began setting in motion the process necessary to hold worship services in person again. What might seem simple is far from it. We cannot presume all of our volunteers will be able to serve. Some are ready now and others may choose to stay home for their own safety or the safety of others. In addition, the guidelines of what constitutes a safe worship service are a constantly moving target. 
The earliest LEFC will be ready to gather people on site is June 14, but the decision has not yet been made as to when our first services will be held. Each day brings new information, new guidelines, and new challenges. In the meantime we are working with our volunteers to find out who is available, to train them for what it looks like to hold a large public gathering in this season, and to secure the materials necessary to hold services. 
More information will be coming in this week’s all church email on Wednesday. We are anxious to gather with the people of LEFC as soon as possible, and our mandate to be good shepherds and ambassadors of the gospel has not changed. We will see you soon!
With eager anticipation,
Pastor Joel