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Oct 14, 2018 | Tony Hunt

Praying with vision

The heart behind vision. Luke 13:32-35

  • Jesus reveals his goal—to go to Jerusalem to resurrect. Thus, making him the redemptive bridge for all of mankind. (32)
  • Jesus’ love for Jerusalem is like a mother to her children. (34b)
  • He sees Jerusalem for its current condition of being a spiritual wasteland—"desolate.” (35a) [Picture of Jerusalem]
  • His vision for Jerusalem is not thwarted. He will come back to achieve what he came for—a lasting peace. (35b)

The messy journey to vision. Luke 19:28-44

  • As he rises over the crest of the Mount of Olives. Jesus sees Jerusalem and weeps over it like a mother would for a lost child. (41)
  • The long sought-after peace for Jerusalem has arrived, but unfortunately the people were not looking for what they were actually praying for. (42)
  • Unfortunately, greater destruction was yet to come due to their denial of Christ’s peace. (43-44) [Picture of the stones fallen from the walls]

Vision has purpose. Psalm 122

  • Jerusalem was God’s chosen place to be worshipped. (4)
  • Jerusalem was God’s chosen place to reveal his redemptive plan through two sacrifices on its hill—Substitutional sacrifice for Isaac, and Christ’s substitutional sacrifice for all of us!
  • Jerusalem will be the place where Kingdom of Satan’s final defeat on earth will happen. Justice prevails. (5) Revelation 20:7-10
  • Praying for the peace of Jerusalem is intrinsically tied to God’s redemptive plan for mankind! (6)

Aligning with the vision. Matthew 9:35-38

  • Just like Jerusalem, Jesus wants to restore the relationship with God and end the desolation of our souls.
  • Just like Jerusalem, people need the peace of Christ and it moves his heart to compassion. (36)
  • Just like Jerusalem, we are to pray for the peace of Christ to be proclaimed to those who are yet to know him. (38)
  • Who will proclaim that peace?
    • Where you work? God send someone.
    • Who will proclaim Jesus in my home? God send someone.
    • Who will proclaim Jesus to my neighbors? God send someone.
    • Who will proclaim Jesus at our big family holiday gatherings? God send someone.
    • Who will proclaim Jesus at my school? God send someone.
    • Who will proclaim Jesus at my gym? God send someone. 
  • Do you see the harvest around you? Pray and Go!!!

Series Information

The vision for this series is to understand God's heart for us in a way to know why he would want us to pray to him.

Through engaging this question, by the end of this series each of us can continue to be liberated from all the apprehension that we might feel in engaging God

Each week we will be addressing the many questions and many facets when it comes to understanding who God is and therefore understanding how we can approach him in prayer