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Oct 21, 2018 | Tony Hunt

Prayer of Protection and Dedication

The temple as a place to converse with God.  2 Kings 19:14-19

  • King Hezekiah and Judah were under severe threat and certain annihilation from the Assyrians.
  • Hezekiah goes to the temple and lays out the threat before the Lord. (14)
  • He appeals to God as the one true creator God and God over all kingdoms. (15)
  • He petitions for God’s attention to the serious matter at hand. (16)
  • The “big ask” is that God deliver Judah so that his name as the true Lord God be made known.(18-19)

Why go to the temple for this matter?   

The Temple Story.

  • God chooses David to be the father of a holy dynasty of kingship. 1 Chronicles 17
  • The vision for a place to proclaim the name of the Lord and to go to worship him was given to David.
  • David’s son Solomon is chosen by God as the one who will build his temple.
  • David finishes his reign preparing both his son and a nation for the building of the temple.1 Chronicles 22
  • Solomon builds the temple according to the instructions given him by his father which was received from the Lord. 2 Chronicles 2-4

The Dedication of the Temple.  2 Chronicles 6:14-42

  • Praising God for who he is. (14)
  • He is a God who keeps promises. (15)
  • Solomon asks God to keep his promises made to his father David. (16)
  • God is greater than this man-made temple. (18)
  • Solomon asks for forgiveness when repentance happens. This request is to protect the promise. (20-31)
  • Purpose declared—build your name up Lord! (32-34)
  • Forgive and build up your name Lord. (38)
  • Commissioning of the temple and dedication to its purpose. (41-42)
    • May your presence rest here—a constant sense.
    • May your might be evident here.
    • May the message of the priests be salvation.
    • May there be rejoicing here over your goodness.
    • Remember your promise to David.

God protects and advances his purposes.2 Kings 19:32-34

  • God responds to Hezekiah’s petition at the Temple.
  • Assyria will not even sniff the outer walls of Jerusalem. (32)
  • God will be the defender and savior. (34a)
  • For the sake of his name and for the sake of his promise to David! (34b)

Take Aways.

  • In praying for our future as a church, we are dedicated to the calling of God to go out into the Harvest Field as proclaimers of Jesus.
  • We pray for his protection of the mission he has called us to as a church, and that this church building is dedicated to the support of that mission.
  • To fulfill that mission, the church building is a place where we worship and praise his name, we teach his truths to apply to our lives, and commission each other to fulfill God’s calling upon each of us.
  • In conclusion, this building has been and will be where we lay before God our challenges, our burdens, our questions, and plead for his help as we seek his response.This is a house of prayer!  

To the glory of the Lord and the power of his name to be forever praised!  Amen!

Series Information

The vision for this series is to understand God's heart for us in a way to know why he would want us to pray to him.

Through engaging this question, by the end of this series each of us can continue to be liberated from all the apprehension that we might feel in engaging God

Each week we will be addressing the many questions and many facets when it comes to understanding who God is and therefore understanding how we can approach him in prayer