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Jan 22, 2023 | Nick Vargas

Living Truth


1. Introduction

  • Topic of the morning - Living Truth/Loving God at the center
    • One needs to love God in order to do anything else
  • What is truth, what does it mean to live something out, by what power do we live truth, what prevents us from doing this?

2.  Christ as our truth

  • Knowing your bibles not just to recite knowledge; it shifts our worldview
  • Turn with me to John 14
    • Read John 14:5-7
    • Preparing a place Matthew sermon series on him coming back
    • Knowing the bible to know a person
  • Read John 8:30-36
    • Jews who had believed him
    • Hold to my teaching = to abide, remain, stay in his word
    • The truth is about Jesus (v.36)
  • "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the Sun has risen, not only because I see it but because by it, I see everything else." -Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis
  • Why Jesus can claim to be truth
    • Christ displays perfectly what God intended for humanity: Relationship with the Father (Knowing him, being satisfied in him, and obeying him)

3. To live something

  • To live something out is to continually act and display it (Examples: love, mercy)
  • When we live something, it comes from the depths of our hearts
    • We cannot live something continually and deeply like a life in Christ without there being heart level change and impact
    • To live a life of love example furthered

4. Disciples live truth

  • Living truth - to act and live in a manner that God intended for humanity which has been revealed to us through Jesus
    • Living truth is for God's glory and our satisfacting
  • The gospel - the intent to redeem and restore
  • The 10 commandments are not abandoned; they were the standard and intent for humanity, the gospel simply redeems the possibility of us living like that
  • The gospel redeems the heart, which is where Jesus argues our actions flow out of (You have heard it said... Matthew 5:17-48)
  • The Gospel makes living truth possible

5. By what power do we seek to live out truth?

  • Many of us acknowledge our helplessness and our need for a savior, but we deny that power to help us live
    • Happens knowingly and unknowlingly
  • Read Galatians 5:13-18
    • Called to be free - identifies the freedom they are thinking is wrong
      • Licensed to do whatever we want
    • Walk by the Spirit + Led by the Spirit
    • Not free of any master, just free from a harmful and oppressive one
    • We are to live a life submitting to and being led by the spirit
  • The very power that has saved you is the same power that sanctifies you to live a holy life
    • What does this look like: Regularly crying out

6. Roadblocks that keep us from living truth by our own power?

  • Image/identity - Our desire to be seen as someone who lives truth causes us to rely upon our own power
  • Culture - Our culture around us propels us to do so
    • American narrative is independence: to achieve anything by the power within
    • Low Standards - Our desire to fulfill the task leads us to lower the bar (couple with pride)
    • Control - Our desire and need for control leads us into the driver's seat
    • Pride - Our high view of ourselves leads us into the position of God in our lives
    • Ignorance - We don't know how to rely upon his power (hold to teaching)
    • Which one are you?
    • Crying out for help and submit - hope that God hears and responds
      • The very power that has saved you is the same power that sanctifies you to live a holy life
    • Close in prayer

7. Benediction

  • Read John 16:13; Rely and surrender upon the Holy Spirit who will lead you into all truth and lead you to live truth



Series Information

A series discussing the missional distinctives of our church.

The mission of LEFC is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this by sharing Christ in our relational worlds and pouring into the lives of others. We seek to be people who LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, LIVE TRUTH and PROCLAIM JESUS.