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Jun 02, 2019 | Tony Hunt


Hope Uncovered

  • It is something not seen.

Romans 8:24b“…But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have?”

  • It is something anticipated and desired that is yet to come.
  • Hope provides the incentive to take the next step when life storms rage around you.
  • If you take away hope it can be catastrophic to the human soul.
  • If you remove hope there will ultimately be an end to going forward.

“Epidemic of Hopelessness”Meara

Princeton University Study revealed in 2015 that has raised alarms that a prevalent hopelessness in society has led to deep despair and worse health.  Their study showed that prior to 1999 our lifespans were improving by nearly 2% each year for several decades, but since 1999 our lifespan has decreased by nearly .5% each year through 2013 the conclusion of the study.  The primary causes were high rates of suicide, drug and alcohol related deaths, and substance related disease.  Their recommendation to fix the problem was to increase the scope of a government safety net as they found that universal safety nets avoid deep dives into hopelessness.  

Is this really the answer to restoring hope or merely treating the symptom? 

Top ten causes for hopelessness. Warren

  1. You feel alone/abandoned
  2. Life seems out of control
  3. You don’t see a purpose
  4. Grieving a loss
  5. You don’t have what you need
  6. You’ve done something wrong
  7. Deeply wounded by someone
  8. Pulled in the wrong direction
  9. Hounded by fear
  10. When it looks like defeat

Discovering lasting Hope.Romans 8

  • Hope in being saved from eternal judgment. (24a-25)
  • Hope in life having purpose in all things—in the greatest of life’s victories, and in the lowest of life’s failures. (28)
  • Hope that there is ultimate victory that will inspire us to overcome the present.(31-37)
  • This hope is found in Jesus Christ. (38-39)

Hope in Jesus is a game changer.  Hebrews 6:19-20a

  1. Hope in Jesus provides that firm and secure anchor that keeps us from drifting and being destroyed in a storm of life. 
  1. Hope in Jesus grows from the core of our being—our soul!

Series Information

So many people are relationally or emotionally broken. Depression, anxiety, isolation, or tension become the the norm and it wreaks havoc with relationships, health, and even with faith.  This series will be addressing these issues and will help lay stronger foundations in understanding God more fully in these issues, so that we can be on a path towards healing or help others towards a path of healing of emotional and relational brokenness.