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"He is the One!" by Pastor Tony

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Jesus:  Life Reimagined  Sermon Series
“He is the One!” by Pastor Tony
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December 23, 2018
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Below are some discussion questions relating to a recent sermon. These are provided so that your Life Group can discuss what was shared. Previous Weeks’ Discussion Guides and Sermon Notes are available through the Sermons under the Resources menu. Click on the sermon series and then the sermon you are interested in.  You will see a paper icon under the sermon title. Click the icon to open the sermon notes. To listen to the sermon, click on the speaker icon. 

Texts: Genesis 3:15; 21:12; 22:18; 49:10;  Numbers 24:17;  Psalm 2:7;  Isaiah 1:11; 7:14;  Jeremiah 23:5;  Micah 5:2;  Matthew 1:23;  Luke 1:26-35; 2:4-7; 3:22-37; 7:16;  Galatians 4:4;  Colossians 1:17

  1. The uniqueness of the many fulfilled prophecies of the birth of Christ is unprecedented in human history. How does this fact increase your faith and build confidence, giving you amazing freedom to share with others?

  2. The miracle of the virgin birth is both divine and miraculous. How does the preexistence of Christ make his actual birth both unnecessary and even more divine? 

  3. What difference does the birth of Christ make for everyone? Why do we all need a remedy?  Why is there no remedy for the enemy?

  4. How can a better understanding of the prophecies fulfilled in Jesus help us in our spiritual conversations with our Oikos?
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