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Discussion Guide--Relational Renewal, Pastor Tony

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Questions by Pastor Ric
August 27, 2017

Covenants are foundational to our understanding of God and His relationship with man. Relationships that are unhealthy and broken can seriously affect people and its cuture in very negative ways.  This study will remind us of exactly what a convenant is, why it is important in healthy relationships and how we can renew our commitment to them.

Feel free to use more or less of these questions.  They are here to move us from knowledge to obedience as God’s Spirit speaks to our hearts.  Share what God is doing in your heart as a result and have others you trust hold you to account for the life-change God is working in you.

TEXTS: MA 5:21-24; LU 11:4; MA 18:21-35; MICAH 7:18; HE 8:12; 1JN 4:11,12

  1. Discuss how broken relationships hinder our culture (“the leading factor in depression, anger and hopelessness”)? How does the enemy use broken relationships at all levels of ministry to hinder the church?  Why is it so important for the entire LEFC body to maintain healthy relationships?  Why are Life Groups so vital for maintaining healthy relationships within the church?
  2. Anger is not necessarily sinful. However, in Ephesians 4:21 there are specific instructions regarding how to handle our anger.  How does culture wage a war against this biblical perspective? How can we do a better job of handling our anger, not allowing the enemy to use it to his advantage?  (see also James 3:1-12)
  3. How do broken relationships hinder our personal worship? What is your regular pattern for preventing this?  How could regular prayer be a part of healing broken relationships?
  4. (MA 18:21-35) Forgiveness from the heart can be a challenge. The greater the offense, the more difficult it is to forgive.  Share some instances with your group (generally) about the challenges you’ve faced in forgiving others.  Because we are to forgive infinitely, it is a process—it can be a long process.  It normally does not happen in an instant.  Why is forgiveness such a key concept in healthy relationships?  How does not receiving a deserved apology affect our ability to forgive? How can we access the love required to accomplish biblical forgiveness? 
  5. How does harboring even “justified anger” affect our relationship with God?
  6. Trust levels are affected despite forgiveness. Creating safe boundaries within our relationships is the way of wisdom.  We are to live a life of love (1 JN 4:11,12) while maintaining healthy and forgiving relationships.  How does David’s prayer in PS 51 help us?  
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