SIGN-UPS are FULL. Please look for future opportunities.

One of LEFC’s supported partners in NYC works with Bengali Muslims. This partner has put together an intensive weekend in November that will introduce a group to diaspora Muslim ministry in the US. If you are selected for the team you will experience a cross-cultural environment in the Big Apple, be exposed to unreached people groups, and be teased out of your comfort zone in an effort to make the name of Jesus more famous with Bengalis. All selected for the team will be trained pre-departure and while in NYC. Departure will be on a Friday afternoon in order to make it to NYC by dinner time. You will return to LEFC the following Sunday evening.


  • Ability to walk 3+ hours of the day
  • Willingness to learn about Muslim faith and how to build bridges to the gospel
  • Willingness to TRY new foods (think spicy!) 
  • Willingness to step outside of comfort zone (ex. start a conversation)
  • Modest dress

Budget is still being finalized. Housing, food, and transportation will be included in the budgeting. We anticipate $175-$225 for this inaugural trip.