Houston Crisis Response

LEFC has the great opportunity to partner with ReachGlobal, the sending arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America. LEFC will be working in Friendswood, Tx, a city that is part of the Houston metropolitan area. It is here that you will stay and be mobilized into the community on projects ReachGlobal has identified for us.

At this point, LEFC has committed to sending four teams between January 2018 and May 2018. The specific dates are January 21-28, March 24 to March 31, April 28 to May 5, and May 19 to 26

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Q/A - 

Q. How many people could be in each team?  
A. Teams will be no more than 8.    

Q. What age limits apply? 
A. If children are under 16, a parent must be on the team as we cannot provide the level of supervision children need.  Volunteers over 90 have served with us in the past. 

Q. Where would you stay?
A. Volunteers are staying at Trinity Fellowship Church at 301 Leisure Lane, Friendswood, Texas, 77546. Plan to sleep on the floor in a cot. The accommodations will be tight quarters, so please be flexible.   

Q. Are there showers?
A. There is a shower trailer for volunteers to use. If for some reason the showers are unavailable, a YMCA is within 15 minutes from the church.     

Q. What would you be doing?
A. Teams will be focused on relational outreach, including spending time with home owners and neighborhood prayer walks. The physical ministry will include home repairs (no specific skills needed) and possibly some clean-up.       

Q. Where will you work? 
A. Teams will be working in the communities around Friendswood Texas, including League City and Dickinson.  We will be serving in two church communities and their surrounding area.  

Q. How are meals arranged? 
A. Meals to and from Houston will be covered by the team leader. Each person should consider having a snack to share in the van with the others on their team. Once in Houston,  ReachGlobal provides breakfast Monday through Friday, and dinner Monday through Thursday.  The team will purchase supplies and pack their own lunches and snacks. 

Q. Would you need to bring your own tools or are there tools for our use onsite
A. Either way is fine.  We have the tools that are needed for the jobs, but having more or the ones most familiar to your own hand is better, especially for specialty work like plumbing or electrical.    

Q. What would each volunteer need to bring? 
A. Clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty; clothes to wear after the workday; sleeping bag or blanket; sleepwear; toiletries; towel and washcloth; mosquito repellent, and spending money for odds and ends, pillow. 

Q.  Are there stores close by to purchase our food items that we provide?
A.  Yes, most stores are open. 

Q. Can you accommodate a volunteer with food allergies? 
A. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate special diets, nor can we guaranty an allergy free environment; however, many volunteers who have food allergies bring their own food to ensure they have no issues.        

Q. What are the other requirements for the team members? 
A. A desire to be the hands and feet of God to a hurting community.  A volunteer would do best if they are in decent health. For those who can’t physically commit, we need people to talk to and pray with those who were impacted.  A hug is 1000 times better than picking up a hammer.    

Q. What are the particularly needed skills right now?
A. Prayer walking, talking to people that you meet, gutting, dry-walling, mudding, painting.  We have our construction supervisors who will show volunteers how to complete certain tasks.  We also have staff who will train your team on prayer walking.  

Q. What would be the cost?  
A. LEFC ask volunteers to invest $400 for a week outreach trip (depart for Texas on Saturday, return to Pennsylvania by the next Saturday). Volunteers receive a ReachGlobal Crisis Response t-shirt that must be worn at the worksite. This amount covers all travel expenses, meals, showers, sleeping arrangements, tools, and supplies needed to complete the work.

I hope this has been of help as you consider this path of service. If you are still interested please complete the form below. LEFC will be in touch as we consider how to best assemble the teams.

Nicholas Todd
Minister of Mobilization

Complete the following form to register your interest in joining one of the teams: