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Ken Martin


Expertly leads our worship technology efforts, cares for people and oversees worship department.


Family: Married to Rita with our son, Nate.  We have a married son and daughter-in-law, Kyle and Sara Martin.  We also have two wonderful grandchildren. 

Previous lines/places of work: Design & Engineering for Plastics / CNC Programing

One of things I find most fascinating: I love photography, especially nature. Through photography I have come to realize that the closer I look at something man-made, the less attractive it becomes. The closer I look at something God-made, the more fascinating it is!


Books: Worship Matters by Bob Kaufflin
Food: Cherry Pie and anything with chocolate
Beverage: Coffee
Restaurant in Lancaster County: Still searching, any recommendations?
Places for Day of Prayer: Outdoors, as remote and quiet as possible
Song to sing along to in the car: Whatever is playing right now on my radio or i-Pod
Children's Book: The Biggest Bear
Snack Foods: Chocolate, Peanuts
TV Show: This varies, but right now I'm intrigued with This is Us as it relates to world issues, and Blue Bloods as it relates to leadership and decision making.
Time of day: Morning
Place in the world:  Hawaii
Recreation activities/hobbies: Going anywhere with the intent of finding "the shot" (best picture)

If I could do anything for a day I would:
 Go anywhere with my wife

One of my greatest experiences with God:
 Leading worship at the National Day of Prayer. There was a choir of 120 voices behind me and a crowd of over 10,000 people in front of me, all were completely engaged in worship. I thought for a moment that I was in heaven!

Most people don’t know this about me: When not engaged in my work, I tend to be an introvert.

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