Lancaster Evangelical Free Church


    Team 1:27 Presents Vision 5-5-5 Lunch
    @ The Mill (813 Rothsville Rd, Lititz)
    12:45 pm

    It is estimate that there are over 140 million orphans on this planet - children, struggling to make it through life with out the love, guidance and support of their parents. We as LEFC have an opportunity to help a few of these children. Would your family consider being a short term host family for a child in need this summer? At Team 1:27, our vision is to have at least 5 LEFC families who would be willing to host 5 children (1 child per family) for a period of 5 weeks. If this is something that might be a possibility for your family, would you join us for a free lunch to hear all the exciting details about hosting an orphaned child. This gathering is for informational purposes only and does not require you to host a child. We just want you to hear about the opportunity. Would you join us? If so, please register below (The entire family is invited)...

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