Christmas Blessing 2021




After you make your donation you should stop by the connection counter to pick up your Christmas Ornament. Just let them know that you made an online donation and they will give you your ornament.

You can help spread the gospel to the people in Spain!
La Posada in Navafria is a training facility in Spain that is educating the next generation of church leaders in that region. LEFC missionaries Dan and Lynn Hollingsworth have been instrumental in the development of the ministry, and this Christmas LEFC is raising funds to pay down the debt incurred in the purchase of the property. For any donation to this project, you will receive an ornament to remind you to pray for the church in Spain and the ministry at La Posada. Christmas ornaments will be available at a connection counter starting Nov. 28. Cash gifts or checks may also be given at the connection counter.

What is “La Posada”?
A "posada" in Spain is an inn, or lodge along the highway - a place of rest, renewal, resourcing; a place to find strength to continue the journey. "La Posada" is a new conference center founded in September 2020 during the Pandemic by a national board of church leaders. It's located in the heart of Spain, one hour to the north of Madrid, near the ancient city of Segovia. God provided the ability to purchase this facility at a great price just over one year ago. A significant down payment was made using funds from 46 Spanish leaders and churches and several US individual and church partners, including LEFC. A mortgage of approximately $600,000 remains on the property.

Who runs La Posada?
La Posada is run by Leadership Forum (Foro de Liderazgo), a non-profit evangelical association founded in 1999 by national leaders in Spain to partner with local churches in designing opportunities (projects) that equip, mentor/coach, resource and renew leadership. Dan and Lynne Hollingsworth were part of the formation of the Leadership Forum, and continue to partner on the Board and in the various national and local ministries..

Why is it needed?
Spain is in an important missional transition, from an unreached, "receiver" field, to a church with the vision to reach its own. Unreached regions still exist but God is on the move and La Posada represents a unique, lay-driven component of this new generation wanting to reach their own. The churches now have a space to equip and coach an emerging generation of biblical leaders, as well as a central location for retreats, evangelistic weeks, and renewal conferences. While the center focuses on the work in the northern half of the country, its effectiveness, Spanish leadership, and accessibility are already attracting participation from the southern regions as well.

What kind of programs take place at La Posada?

  • The Ephesus Project (Efeso): 3 year leadership formation and biblical equipping program;
  • Post-graduate Efeso (Efeso Posgrado): advanced leadership training;
  • Oasis: leadership coaching and renewal ministry;
  • El Puente (The Bridge): training events providing churches with specialized resources to engage secular society with the Gospel.

It is will also being used by other ministries for:

  • Conferences, global outreach and leadership events;
  • Retreats, seminars;
  • Mission and international ministry leadership events;
  • Study abroad and university exchange programs particularly related to leadership of emerging generations.

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