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Call the church office at 626 5332 to get your last minute ticket.

LEFC is hosting the Secret Church Simulcast again this year.  Last year we had almost 200 people join us for this time of worship, Bible study, and prayer.  Please consider joining us as David Platt teaches "Scripture and Authority in an Age of Skepticism."


What is Secret Church?

Secret Church is a ministry of Pastor David Platt. The Secret Church Simulcast is a time of Bible Study, worship, and prayer.  It is called ‘Secret Church’ because it mimics how many persecuted Christ-followers around the world meet for hours of study, prayer, and fellowship. These Christians often face great difficulties to meet together, so when they do, they often stay as long as they can to hear God’s word and to study the truth.  


What’s the Topic this Year? 

Scripture and Authority in an Age of Skepticism

The Bible is the foundation for faith among followers of Christ in churches around the world. Yet many such Christians never think to ask why this is the case. After all . . .

  • How did we get this holy book?
  • Who decided what would and wouldn't be included in it?
  • How do we know it's true? Are there any errors in it?
  • Is it necessary? Is it sufficient? Is it authoritative for my life?
  • How can I understand it?

Even as Christians ask and answer such pivotal questions, the culture around us asks even more pressing questions: Isn’t the Bible antiquated and outdated? Isn’t it chauvinistic and offensive? Isn’t it downright deceptive and ultimately dangerous?

During this Secret Church, we will explore answers to critical questions about the Bible in order to discern what place it should (or should not) have in the lives of Christians and the implications those answers have for our lives, our families, and our churches in the culture around us.



What to Expect on April 21, 2017

David Platt will be teaching via live feed video from Atlanta, GA.  LEFC will project the simulcast on our large screen, our back screen, and our two TV's in the main auditorium.  You will be seated at round tables.

Tickets are $10/person.  This includes your entry to the simulcast, the workbook that goes along with the simulcast, and snacks and drinks throughout the evening.

We will start at 6:30.  There are three 15 minute snack breaks scheduled, but a snack and drink table will be available throughout the night, and you are welcome to help yourself at any time. 

Secret Church says the evening will conclude at 12:30 am, but sometimes David extends his teaching beyond this time. If you are not a night owl, you certainly can leave when you are ready.

An offering will be collected, and will be sent directly to Secret Church to aid in the support of Christians living in persecuted and unreached areas around the world.

Any questions can be directed to Matt Sowada or Katherine Eachus at LEFC at 626-5332.

This brief clip is of David Platt teaching at a Secret Church event. 


To view the Secret Church website click here