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    Relational Covenant by Tony Hunt

    Discussion Guide
    Questions by Pastor Ric
    August 20, 2017

    Covenants are foundational to our understanding of God and His relationship with man. Relationships that are unhealthy and broken can seriously affect people and its cuture in very negative ways.  This study will remind us of exactly what a convenant is, why it is important in healthy relationships and how we can renew our commitment to them.

    Feel free to use more or less of these questions.  They are here to move us from knowledge to obedience as God’s Spirit speaks to our hearts.  Share what God is doing in your heart as a result and have others you trust hold you to account for the life-change God is working in you.

    TEXT: Genesis 2, 3,6, 15; Exodus 19; 2 Samuel 7; Matthew 5:27-37

    1. Broken relationships are common in our culture.  Describe (generally) a broken relationship you have experienced and how it has affected you (and your family).
    2. The concept of a covenant is a biblical one.  What are the main differences in how our culture views a covenant/relationship v. the biblical standard?  Discuss how speaking the truth in our culture has disappeard.  How has your standard of truth been affected?
    3. The relationships built in a Life Group are important.  What are the key qualities in Life Group relationships that make Life Groups a safe place where people are loved and encouraged and challenged?
    4. What is the difference between a “conditional covenant” and an “unconditional covenant”?
    5. The covenants of God with man (OT) lead us to the redemptive plan of His people through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  The “New Covenant” reconciled God and man once and for all and is permanent. What are the qualifications for being a part of this permanent convenant?  What are the benefits of this covenant? 
    6. How does the New Covenant (and Jesus’ model) empower/benefit us in our relationships with others?
    7. What are the specific ways we disregard God’s standards for covenants? What must we do to change to conform to God’s standards in our relationships?  How can a Life Group be a key part of such change? 
    8. Healthy relationships and covenant-keeping are matters of the heart. Take some time and look deeply into your heart with God’s help.  What are the deep issues that need God’s healing?  What are the broken relationships that need restored?  What/who do we need to do to help make it happen?


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    [Note to facilitator: This is a guide.  Feel flexible with it in making it conducive to your group context. Feel free to utilize media for analogies or tie-ins.]